LIVE WITH US is an interactive experience for Oculus VR.

In a dystopian future, the planet can no longer support the demands of mankind’s growing numbers. A pre-birth computer simulation is developed as a form of humane population control.

The concept is that at the point of conception, each human consciousness explores a simulated version of their subconscious (for the game’s purposes, it generates a Westernised Ego). In the end, they decide whether they deserve to be born and compete for Earth’s dwindling resources or whether they should be euthanized to avoid life on our chaotic planet.

In LIVE WITH US, the player explores their subconscious, making this life or death decision for themselves--however, the true purpose is only revealed at the end. The simulation is presented to the player as a decision between life or death during surgery; they believe the decision is simply to return to their body or die. They are guided by voiceover, an inner monologue, which gives clues as to the person they are or would become.


Production time: 4 weeks