REGRESSION is a first-person survival horror game, set in a landscape that is a manifestation of the main character's childhood trauma.

Owen is heading to Alaska in his campervan and doesn’t plan on coming back alive. 

After writing a note addressed to whoever finds his body, he drops by the local police department on his way out of town to pick up the evidence box from his parents’ mysterious death when he was only five years old.


Upon listening to the recording of his 911 call he made on the night of the incident, Owen is driven into painful memories of his past--his parents were not murdered but took part in a cult's suicide pact. They made a poisoned jelly cake for him to eat and join them in death. But Owen survived, and he must confront that fateful night, the child that was left behind, and his losing battle with the monsters that killed his parents.

Will Owen have a breakthrough and escape the landscape or succumb to the trauma?